Emerging Technology


Innovate. Compete. Thrive.

New and emerging technologies are changing many aspects of our lives for the better, including how we do business. Here in Iowa, we have a deep history of developing new technology. Companies are increasingly looking to develop and capitalize on this fast-growing sector within the state. 

At Dickinson Bradshaw, our Emerging Technology group is in a unique position to give you a competitive advantage as you grow and adopt new technologies within your business. Our law firm will help you to increase efficiency, generate new business, and ultimately boost your bottom line as consumers increasingly moving toward more digital services and goods.

Our team of forward-thinking, innovative attorneys understands emerging technologies in the market. We can guide you through the intricate path of starting a technology-based company or implementing new technology into your business. From Fintech to Blockchain and on to whatever’s next that innovators can dream up on the technology horizon, we can help you navigate the regulatory and legal issues.

Unique, Integrated Legal Capabilities

Our attorneys have experience working with a wide range of entrepreneurs, startups, and growing organizations. They work in an interdisciplinary environment and can bring their technical knowledge and advanced training to other fields of law as your business evolves. This includes practice areas such as Corporate M&A, Tax Law, Litigation, Cybersecurity, Employment Law, Privacy Law, and much more. 

It’s all about you and your company as you forge ahead into the great beyond.

Iowa has deep historical roots when it comes to developing new technology.
  • In 1942, Clifford Berry from Gladbrook and John Vincent Atanasoff developed the first electronic digital computer together at Iowa State University in Ames. 
  • In 1968, Robert Noyce, born in Burlington and raised in Grinnell, founded Intel, which was inspired by his invention of the “microchip,” and sparked the personal computer age that gave Silicon Valley its name. 
  • In 1993, Marc Andreesen, a Cedar Falls native, created Mosaic, the first widely used web browser, which is credited with creating the worldwide web. 


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