Securities & Commodities Litigation


Dickinson Bradshaw Law Firm is a highly-experienced, full-service law firm imbued with the midwestern values of hard work and integrity. Our talented roster of civil litigation attorneys has considerable experience in many areas of civil and business law, including securities and commodities-related matters.

Our award-winning law firm employs attorneys that specialize in the realm of securities litigation with the extensive experience required to fit your specific legal needs. Our team of civil litigation lawyers possesses an excellent track record in representing commodities firms with regard to customer disputes or civil suit claims raised by third parties.

Under United States law, securities cases are complex legal matters, requiring expert legal representation. Whatever securities-related issues you may face, you can be confident in the abilities of Dickinson Bradshaw’s talented commodities and securities litigation team.

Our civil suit lawyers have represented clients' securities and commodities cases with great success and can offer you top-tier legal representation in any trial from securities and commodities fraud to customer disputes or claims raised by third parties. For clients dealing with commodities and securities complaints, these matters do not necessarily require a civil trial. Our Des Moines law firm has a successful record in representing clients in specialized arbitration forums such as the National Futures Association.

When looking for a securities and commodities law firm, look no further than Dickinson Bradshaw. Our expert team of trial lawyers and litigation attorneys have the talent and experience to provide you with the high-quality legal services that you deserve. Whatever your securities and commodities case may entail, and whatever avenue you choose to pursue, Dickinson Bradshaw's expert lawyers will give you the legal representation required to help you receive the best outcome possible. Contact us today to set up a consultation.