Contract Disputes


Although parties usually enter into contracts with the best of intentions, all too often contractual relationships end with disputes about which party breached the agreement. At Dickinson Bradshaw, we understand that clients don’t want to be tied up in court for years when contract disputes arise. In fact, disputes with regard to failed agreements make up a fundamental area of practice for many of our litigators. Our team of attorneys leverage our knowledge of contract law in various jurisdictions to provide clients with fast, professional and cost-effective legal guidance.

Because contractual disputes are one of the primary areas of practice for many of our litigators, we can provide advice to our clients with regard to virtually any aspect of contract litigation in virtually any environment in which contracts arise.

Government Contract Matters

One subset of contract disputes in which Dickinson Bradshaw's litigators have experience is litigating government contract matters before state agencies and in state courts, as well as assisting clients with preparing submissions to requests for proposal for service contracts. 

As a general matter, the body of law related to government procurement is less developed in Iowa than in other jurisdictions. Under Iowa Code Chapter 8A, the Iowa Department of Administrative Services has a statutory duty to conduct competitive bidding for purchases of equipment, supplies, and services, subject to certain exceptions, and is governed by rules related to such procurement. Litigation involving state government procurement is subject to stringent deadlines, thus requiring maximum effort of both client and counsel in a relatively short period of time.