Employee Use of Social Media



Posts about what? Tweets about who? The most timely supervisors' training covers how to handle employee use of social media. A cornucopia of continuously evolving laws that speak to employee online activities.  In this session we'll discuss:

  • Social media's permeation of the workplace

  • Real examples of when employer reactions to employee online activity collided

  • Employee rights that limit employer regulation of online activities such as privacy and protected concerted activities under the National Labor Relations Act

  • Employer rights to protect confidential information, intellectual property, and commercial reputation that often give way to employee rights to engage in online activities 

You'll be amazed at the current status of employment law as it relates to employee online activities. Lag behind the times at your own risk. 

Audience: Supervisors, managers, HR professionals, and business owners.

Length: 60-90 minutes (depending on discussion)

Presenters: Licensed attorneys practicing in employment law

Cost: Varies, based on location, customization, and number of sessions

Contact: For more information or to schedule a session: 

·         Call 515-244-2600 / 515-243-4191

·         Email 

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