Harassment & Discrimination Investigations


Are Investigations Important?

In a word, yes.  A primary question that is considered by courts in the bulk of sexual harassment and discrimination cases is what was the response of the employer when the concerns were brought to its attention.  If an employer refuses to hear and investigate harassment or discrimination complaints, or if the investigation is not handled properly, said employer's expense in defending the claim increases.  The decision of the employer (or of the employer’s regular counsel) on who conducts the internal investigation can be of critical importance. 

A Unique Blend of Legal and Business Expertise

The attorneys in our Employment and Labor Section have over a century of combined experience.  One senior attorney has a graduate degree in Industrial Relations, another attorney worked in Human Resources for some 16 years before attending law school and has both SPHR and Senior Certified Professional designations.  In addition, Dickinson Law also employs a former U.S. Department of Labor (non-attorney) with 33 years of FLSA, FMLA, and David Bacon Act workplace investigation experience. We have unique legal and practical background with all aspects of Iowa and federal labor and employment law that brings more than “book learning” to a situation.

In addition to providing training on how to conduct investigations, we have conducted investigations on behalf of businesses large and small, including investigations which have resulted in the severance of employment relationships with individuals with titles up to and including “President.”  It is a matter of public record that we were retained by the Iowa judiciary to conduct an investigation of allegations involving a sitting judge. We have also conducted investigations involving allegations of (among others):

  • Discrimination (race, age, disability, gender, etc.) in promotional and termination practices;

  • Discrimination (race, age, disability, gender, etc.) in administering employee discipline for attendance violations;

  • Co-worker gender and racial discrimination / hostile environment regarding general working conditions and job duties

  • Racial, gender, religious, and/or sexual orientation harassment for the use of derogatory remarks in the workplace

  • Computer misuse by accessing internet pornography

  • Mishandling of internal sexual harassment investigation conducted by supervisory employee

  • Misuse and theft of Company funds, property, and trade secrets

Our familiarity with workplaces not only enables Dickinson Law to conduct timely, objective investigations, but also to provide objective assessments and recommendations for compliance with the many federal and state and local laws.   And, if the investigation should become the focus of subsequent litigation, we most certainly have the credentials to defend what was done in the investigation to a judge and jury. 

A Relationship you Can Count on

We pride ourselves on building close working relationships with employers and attorneys that retain our investigation services. Dickinson attorneys and staff members have a strong commitment to professional excellence and integrity. We have established long-lasting relationships of trust and confidence by providing careful legal advice and dedicated service throughout Iowa.  If your company or your client needs an experienced workplace harassment and discrimination investigation team, contact Dickinson Law today.

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