Licensing and Administrative Law


Dickinson Bradshaw attorneys have routinely represented parties in matters involving government action. The firm’s extensive experience in such matters includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Public procurement work. Whether you’re a public agency seeking to conduct a competitive bid process or a private entity seeking to do business with the government, it is important to have the right guidance and support. Dickinson Bradshaw attorneys have helped craft requests for proposals and bid responses, represented parties in vendor appeals, and successfully negotiated substantial public procurement contracts.
  • At times, a citizen or business may seek to get clarity on agency action. Whether it involves a challenge or comment to an administrative rule, or working through other agency action, Dickinson Bradshaw attorneys have the knowledge to work towards a positive outcome.
  • The State of Iowa licenses numerous professions and businesses. The limitation, suspension, or revocation of an occupational license or a professional license can be devastating. Dickinson Bradshaw attorneys are familiar with the due process and administrative procedure requirements that must be met before adverse action can be taken, and can work to ensure fairness and equal application in license actions.