Criminal Law


White Collar Criminal Defense
- Defending the Business and its Owners

Businesses and their owners face unprecedented scrutiny from a wide variety of governmental agencies as they try to conduct their business. More disconcerting, the government is increasingly using criminal prosecutions and threats of jail in their efforts to control or modify behavior of businesses. Our attorneys are familiar with business prosecution trends and devote a substantial amount of their time in assisting businesses and their owners in trying to protect against such allegations and defending clients where prosecutions arise.

Included within these compliance issues are claims of:
  • Tax crimes;
  • False claims submitted to the Government (Qui Tam issues);
  • Environmental violations;
  • FBAR and foreign bank account issues;
  • Structuring and forfeiture claims;
  • Illegal competition and the theft of trade secrets;
  • Immigration crimes;
  • Health care crimes;
  • Counseling clients in conducting compliance audits with underlying legal issues;
  • Fraud; and
  • Similar claims against businesses and their owners.

Dickinson Bradshaw lawyers have a unique combination of skills based on their knowledge and experience to represent businesses and their owners in the transactional and compliance areas and also have the expertise and ability to defend business clients who are under criminal investigation or charged with criminal offenses relating to business activities. Our lawyers understand not only the criminal penalties associated with various crimes but also the business and financial ramifications that may occur as a result of a criminal charge or conviction. This combination of skills is invaluable in defending a business person or a business entity in a criminal setting.