Employment Law Training


Why Harassment, Discrimination, and Compliance Training is Important

The expense of one sexual harassment claim, discrimination claim or FMLA/FSLA compliance violation can be considerable--not only in the dollars associated with defending the claim, but also in lost time, productivity, employee morale and damage to your brand.  Companies without strong training programs are at even more risk as courts typically award punitive damages in sexual harassment and discrimination cases where the employer failed to provide sufficient training. 

Dickinson Law training programs can help protect your company against costly harassment, discrimination and retaliation claims.  Today you need effective training that does more than just prevent discrimination and harassment lawsuits.  Our training will help you create a healthy workplace culture; protecting against the bigger costs of lost productivity, turnover, and brand damage caused by uncivil behavior associated with harassment and discrimination. 

Training Built on Experience

Our unique blend of corporate and legal experience elevates our training program above the simple check the box efforts with which you are familiar.  The attorneys of Dickinson Law's employment and labor group draw on over one hundred years of combined experience in legal, corporate, and training experience to produce training that works.  

One senior attorney has a graduate degree in Industrial Relations, another attorney worked in Human Resources for some 16 years before attending law school and has both SPHR and Senior Certified Professional designations.  You will be hard pressed to find such another combination of skills available in Iowa.

Interactive, Engaging, Entertaining

You want training that makes an impact and sticks with people.  With almost 15,000 people and over 1,000 different companies trained, Dickinson Law attorneys and trainers know how to make your company's harassment, discrimination, and compliance training resonate with executives, managers, and employees.  But don't take our word for it, here are what some of our clients have said about our training programs.

This was time very well spent.  I found several items that need attention back at the office.  It’s getting increasingly difficult to keep up with all of the changes…Thank you!”

“Very thankful for what you do for our company.”

“As always, very informative and fun!”

“I really enjoyed the relatable examples and interactive activities, especially the candy given for correct answers.”

Tailored to Your Needs

Your business is unique, your training should be as well.  With Dickinson Law, you will not be getting a cookie cutter program.  From CEOs and executives to managers and employees, we work with you to tailor the training to your audience. We can emphasize specific topics, add points (e.g. #MeToo, Bullying), combine related training--the possibilities are endless.  Check out our harassment, discrimination and compliance training topics and contact one of our attorneys to build your company's harassment, discrimination and compliance training today.