On Demand: 2020 Employment Webinar Series - Facing the Future Together

On Demand: 2020 Employment Webinar Series - Facing the Future Together

Posted on 10/29/2020 at 05:20 PM by The Newsroom

Now Available on Demand - Dickinson Law's 2020 Employment Law Webinar Series

Focused on Employment Law issues, our Employment Webinar Series with the Dickinson Law Employment & Labor Group first aired on October 27, 28 & 29. Now, it's available anytime On Demand! Join Dickinson Law as we Face the Future Together.

Over six hours of content is available for viewing or you can download the materials only.

This On-Demand webinar content helps break down the numerous legal changes of 2020 and beyond across a wide range of topics including covid-19 employment litigation, pandemic & employment law, employee drug testing, new legal requirements of the US Department of Labor, COVID-19 labor law, and even some 2021 workplace predictions!


You can access three separate sessions, simply click on the links below to view. You may also click an Attorney's name to learn more about and contact them directly.

Session 1

  • Until the Sun Sets: FFCRA Leaves 

    • Presented by Jill R. Jensen-Welch

    • Covering information about the HEROES Act and the Families First Corona Virus Response Act such as...

      • Coverage and Program End Dates

      • Covered Employers

      • Family and Medical Leave updates

      • Employee Specific Exclusions

      • Employer-Wide Small Business Exemption

      • Tax Credits

      • Qualifying Reasons/Need

      • 2020 Qualifying Reasons for EPSL and/or EFMLA

      • Support for Leave Requests

      • Amount of Leave

      • Pay and Caps

      • Intermittent Use of FFCRA Leaves

      • HEROES Act FMLA Amendments

  • Down the Road & Back Again: WHD Updates

    • Presented by Mike Staebel

    • Covering all of the latest WHD Updates, including…

      • FSLA White Collar Exemptions

      • FLSA Regular Rate definition and inclusions

      • Joint Employment- Employer’s mutual liability for violations of rights of shared employees

      • FLSA Retail/Service Overtime Exemption

      • FLSA Fluctuating Workweek Overtime pay

      • FLSA Independent Contractor Definition

      • Request for Information - FMLA

      • Teleworking Employees hours of Work under FLSA

  • Quick Hits I: It’s Written in the Stars

    • Presented by David B. Gonzales, Andrea E. Rastelli, and Robert K. Porter

    • Covering important Immigration information, rulings, forms, and more

      • Immigration (I-9 Form updates, COVID-19 Guidance, and M-274 Updates)

      • Bostock v. Clayton County, GA

      • Beyond Juris: Iowa’s first syndicated podcast discussing innovations in the law & the law for innovators! 

        • Hosted by Attorneys Grace Bogart & Andrea Rastelli 

      • The Startup Group- Specializing in the legal skills needed to bring startup ideas to life!

      • Back to Business Limited Liability Act

  • Letting Go of the Past: Unemployment Insurance in a Pandemic

    • Presented by Melissa Schilling

    • Covering much of the latest changes and developments in Unemployment Law including

      • Updates to Unemployment Insurance Benefits

      • Employer Notification Requirments

      • Notice to IWD re: Refusal to Work

      • CARES Act: Unemployment insurance Benefits Still Available

        • Pandemic Unemployment Emergency Compensation (“PUEC”)

        • Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (“PUA”)

        • Pandemic Unemployment Emergency Compensation

        • Pandemic Unemployment Assistance

      • Lessons Learned During the Pandemic

  • Reading the THC Leaves: Drug Testing Update

    • Presented by Russell L. Samson

    • Provides insights and Lessons on Iowa’s Private Sector Drug Testing Law with updates on workplace drug testing programs and more

      • Employer Has Burden of Proving Compliance

      • Provide a List of Illicit Drugs to be Tested / Opportunity to Provide Relevant Medical Information

      • Identification of Types of Drugs to be Tested for

      • Pre Employment Drug Tests

      • Unannounced (“Random”) Drug and Alcohol Testing

        • Utilizing Random Number Generators

        • Pools for Unannounced Drug Testing

      • Iowa Code Section 730.5

Session 2

  • Ban the Box in Iowa

    • Presented by Rob Porter

    • Earlier this year, Iowa’s first “Ban the Box” ordinance went into effect in Waterloo, Iowa,  limiting how and when employers can ask job applicants about prior criminal history. The provision has so far survived a legal challenge from the Iowa Association of Business and Industry, but what’s next? Topics include:

      • Various types of “ban the box”

        • Exploring work history

        • Who the law applies to

        • Exceptions

      • The Provisions of the Waterloo Ordinance

        • The Application Process

        • The Job Interview

        • “Legitimate Business Reason” - In Brief

        • How law enforcement of the new ordinance works (Penalties)

      • What the Waterloo Action Means for Iowa’s Employers

  • Racial Injustice in the Workplace: The Future Starts Today

  • Quick Hits II: It’s Written in the Stars

    • Presented by Andrea E. Rastelli, Robert K. Porter, and Russel Samson

    • Is your business “Future Ready?” After reviewing this presentation, it will be! Future Ready: Iowa Workforce Initiatives- The goal of Future Ready Iowa is to have 70 percent of Iowa’s workforce have education or training beyond high school by the year 2025. In-depth topics include:

      • Last Dollar Scholarships

      • Employer Innovation Fund

      • Receiving Benefits of New Registered Apprenticeship Grant Opportunities funded by the Coronavirus Relief Fund

      • Proposed Changes to Minimum Wage and Overtime 

      • Fighting Drug Test Tampering

      • EEO-1 Filing Deadlines

  • Managing the Workplace in a Pandemic: Anticipating Issues

    • Presented by Bryan P. O’Neill

    • Preparing for the new workplace environment while adhering to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Guidelines.

      • Disability-Related Inquiries

      • Temperature Checks

      • COVID-19 Tests

      • What to do if Employees are Diagnosed with COVID-19

        • Required Confidentiality

      • Reasonable Accommodations

      • Additional Discrimination Considerations

        • Age - Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA)

        • Race / National Origin - Title VII / ICRA

      • CDC: Defining Quarantine Vs. Isolation

      • Iowa Department of Public Health Updates

      • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Requirements

      • Recordkeeping Guidance for COVID-19

  • NLRB, COVID-19 & Employment Policies: The Winds of Change

    • Presented by Melissa Schilling

    • How do I communicate changes to employees when the guidance constantly Changes?

      • Employment Policies Directly Related to COVID-19

        • FFCRA Policies (paid sick leave and paid FMLA)

        • Reopening the Workplace

        • Safety Guidelines

      • Employment Policies Indirectly Related to COVID-19

        • Remote Work Policy / Agreement

        • Technology & Information Security

        • EEO policies

        • Contagious Disease Policy

      • NLRB issues raised in non-union environments during COVID-19

Session 3

  • Thinking Ahead: COVID-19 Litigation

    • Presented by Rachel Soderstum

    • With a rise in COVID-19 related claims being filed nationally, Rachel Soderstrum helps you think ahead with an overview of claims filed so far and those that have been filed already in Iowa. 

      • Breach of Contract

      • Constitutional Rights

      • Constructive Termination

      • (Unsafe Work Environment /

      • Conditions)

      • Failure-to-Pay Claims

      • Family and Medical Leave Act

      • Misclassification

      • Non-compete

      • WARN Act

      • Whistleblower

      • Worker’s Compensation

      • Workplace Safety

      • Wrongful Termination,

      • Retaliation, and Bias

      • Wrongful Death

  • Quick Hits III: It’s Written in the Stars

    • Presented by David B. Gonzales, Bryan P. O’Neill, and Robert K. Porter

    • This Quick Hits Session considers recent changes and challenges to Immigration law

      • Presidential Proclamation 10052 – June 22, 2020, Limiting Certain Immigration

      • Exceptions to Limitations – “essential to the United States food supply chain”

      • DHS v. Regents of University of California (DACA Supreme Court Case)

      • COVID-19 Vaccinations in the Workplace

      • Supreme Court Religious Freedom Cases--2020

  • Reading Tarot Cards: Case Study in ADA, FMLA, EFMLA, EPSL, WC, and OSHA

    • Presented by Jill Jensen-Welch, Bryan P. O’Neill, Robert K. Porter, and Michael J. Staebell

    • Gazing Into the Crystal Ball: Our Predictions for the Future Workplace

      • The Future of 3rd Party Pronouns- Individual’s legal name and legal gender markers

      • Full-time Remote Work Post- Pandemic

      • Extension of the Family First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA)

      • The Future of Immigration Reform

      • Increases in Litigation over Disability Accommodation Issues

      • Paid-Leave

      • Increases in Trade Workers that Focus on IT Fields

      • The Future of Diversity and Inclusion Training 


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